Sunday Bible Class

9:45 am

Growing in Christ

Early Childhood (Preschool - 2nd Grade) 

They meet for age appropriate classroom learning and time for music. 

Cross exploration  

Middle Grades (3rd - 8th Grade) 

They gather for an opening with music and drama,

then continue to grade appropriate classes for learning and an activity period. 

Discipleship Training

For Grades 3 - 8  (7 & 8 grades are Confirmation Class) 

Our program is developed around these three goals:

1. to help each child develop a deeper relationship with God

2. to help each child grow in their knowledge of the Bible

3. to help each child acquire the spiritual discipline to lead their lives according to Christian belief

Fall Session

Wednesdays, 6:30 -  8:00 pm

           September 6, 20 and October 4 at Meridian Campus

Sundays, 4:30 -  6:00 pm

           September 10, 24 and October 8 at Christ Campus

** Note **  Wednesday & following Sunday classes will be the same lesson. 

6-8 Grade Workshops -

Saturday, September 16, 9:00 am at Meridian Campus

Saturday, September 30, 9:00 am at Christ Campus

These lessons are different, so please attend both sessions. 


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