What's a  Growth Group All About

Growth Groups meet in someone's home or a hangout on a regular basis to discuss a topic relating to the Bible and everyday life.  

Current Groups: 

Community Bible Study - Meets on Tuesdays, 10:30 am at Christ Campus.

Men's Bible Study - Meets on Thursdays, 7:00 am at Coral Gables Restaurant for prayer, breakfast and to study God's Word.

Coffee & Portals of Prayer - Meets on Saturday mornings, 10:30 am at Christ Campus

Young Adult Group - Meets periodically for Bible Study and to care for the community. 

Growth Groups - We have over a dozen groups, which meet at various locations and times, throughout Greater Lansing. 

 Interested in joining a Growth Group? Need more information about a Growth Group? Contact Pastor Sutton at pastortsutton@KnowingJesus.org

  Growth Group Study


This study on the Book of Jonah will help us further consider the global scope of God's mercy and salvation. The prophet Jonah had a rather narrow view as to who God should or would save.  

This book of the Bible shows us how God desires all people to come to know His love and mercy.

Knowing the peace and the power of the cross means that our lives - just like the people of Nineveh - are powerfully transformed by God.

Download Study Guide HERE

RightNow Media

The videos for this study are available at www.rightnowmedia.org.

If you need help accessing this platform, then please contact the church office.

Fueling the global growth

This small group series will consider what fuels the church around the world by examining that, in addition to the Holy Spirit leading us to faith, what other common characteristics can be found where church is growing. 

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