What's a  Growth Group All About

Growth Groups meet in someone's home or a hangout on a regular basis to discuss a topic relating to the Bible and everyday life.  

Interested in joining a Growth Group? Need more information about a Growth Group? Contact Pastor Sutton at pastortsutton@stlukehas.com

  Growth Group Study


This study on Ephesians will help us grow deeper in our Christian character. The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to encourage the church in Ephesus as they lived as imitators of Christ. In the same way, this letter encourages us to live out our new life in Christ Jesus and boldy imitate Him in all that we do!

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RightNow Media

The videos for this study are available at www.rightnowmedia.org.

If you need help accessing this platform, then please contact the church office.

Armed and Generous:  Christian Neighboring

This small group series will lead you through a conversation about how you can make a positive impact for Jesus in your neighborhood.  God calls us to be lights in a dark world!  By God’s grace and in fellowship with one another, may this time together help us to be ever brighter lights—armed and generous! 

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Living with Less

This study is about living with less…and more!


We will explore what it means to have abundance in Christ Jesus. In Him, we have an abundance of life, truth, love, and peace. He has given us more than we could ever need. This allows us to live with less. We do not need to cling so tightly to the things that this world deems good. We are able to let go of some things because we have come to possess something far better. We have the greatest good in Jesus Christ!

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Connected in Christ

We will explore what it means to be connected in Christ Jesus. He is the firm foundation upon which we can build our relationships and know that they will have a durable – and even eternal – connection!

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In Jesus' Name

In our conversations over the next four sessions we will consider how

In Jesus’ Name serves as the password above all passwords: precious and powerful!

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God in ThE City

This study is based on the Book of Acts. 

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Busy: Filling Our Day the Right Way

Being busy is good as long as we are busy doing the work of God. This Home Group Series is going to explore how we can be busy the right way. You will grow in your Biblical knowledge of what it means to rightly fill your day

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Faith And Food

This Home Group Series is going to  explore how God uses the gift of food to sustain us both spiritually and physically. You will grow in your Biblical knowledge of Faith & Food and become more reflective in your daily eating. 

Knowing the peace and the power of the cross leads us to proclaim the words

of Scripture: “Oh, Taste and See that the Lord is Good!” (Psalm 34:8)

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