Sunday Morning Bible Classes

Meridian Campus - 9:45 am

Christ Campus - 9:30 am

We have classes for ages Preschool through Adults. 

New Classes begin on Sunday, December 3

Children's Bible Class information can be found here. (ages preschool - 8th grade)


High School Bible Class information can be found here. (grades 6 - 12) 

Meridian Campus:                                 Christ Campus:


Living a Life of Prayer                                                   Foundations: The Book of Genesis

Leader:  Fred & Erin Rodammer                                                                               Leader:  Pastor Yohannes

Location:  The Circle                                                                                                  Location:  room 13


First Step Class                                                              First Step Class

Leader:  St. Luke Elders                                                                                           Leader:  Elder Paul Schleusener

Location:  room 205                                                                                                 Location:  


Foundations: The Book of Genesis

Leader: Pastor Davis

Location:  Fellowship Center


Faith & Family

A Bible Study for Parents. 

Young children (age 0 –Preschool) are welcome to come.   

Location:  room 206