And Go Goals

God tells us to GO and be His witnesses! The following are some ways that you can GO as a witness for Christ Jesus. Do not limit yourself to this list; get creative and consider your own ways that you will GO and tell others about the Good News of Jesus.  

Our goal as a congregation is to witness 2,022 times this year. Each time you do something from the list below (or some other way of witnessing that you come up with on your own), send an email to When we receive your email, we will put up a special footprint decal in the church to celebrate this Gospel witness. Together we will GO and be His witnesses “in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8).


  1. Spend three weeks praying for three people who do not know Jesus. 

  2. Tell a friend, neighbor, or family member about the hope that you have in Jesus.

  3. Pray with someone (co-worker, neighbor, someone you just met) who is in need of prayer.

  4. Serve at the Community Kitchen, Coat Bank, or some other St. Luke Ministry for the first time.

  5. Pray for someone who is struggling and reach out to that person with a note indicating that you have been praying for him or her.  

  6. Go on a mission trip.

  7. Get to know one of your neighbors on a first-name basis.

  8. Spend a week praying for the people in your neighborhood, school, or workplace.

  9. Have coffee or lunch with someone who is very different from you (i.e. ethnically, politically, socially).

  10. Support an overseas missionary or mission project.

  11. Write an encouraging note to someone who is serving others in challenging circumstances.

  12. Read a book of the Bible and write down what God’s Word is teaching you about GOing.

  13. Use one of the Cross-training journals to strengthen your witness for Jesus.

  14. Ask a friend, family member, or someone else a spiritual question such as, “Where do you find hope?” or “what do you believe in?”

  15. Share a Christian book, devotional, or podcast with someone and tell that person about how it has brought you peace and comfort. 

  16. Send a text message, email, or call someone and tell that person about how God has used him or her to be a blessing in your life.

  17. Identify yourself as a follower of Jesus to others (i.e. wear a cross, speak of yourself as a follower of Jesus, or wear some sort of clothing that identifies you as a Christian).

  18. Reach out to someone with whom you need reconciliation. 

  19. Invite someone to join you in attending worship service, Bible study, or Growth Group.

  20. Get to know someone from another country or background and learn about his or her religious beliefs. 

  21. We invite you to come up with your own ideas for GOing to be a witness for Jesus. You are not limited to the list above. Get creative and find unique ways to tell others about the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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