2023 Capital Campaign

"Standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel"

Philippians 1:27b

God has blessed St. Luke through His people by providing for our ministry needs. Our ability to stand firm in ministry today is because of preparations that were made yesterday.

What might God be stirring in us now so that St. Luke can continue to stand firm tomorrow?

As we look ahead to the future, it is apparent that St. Luke needs to act in several decisive ways today so that future generations of God’s people can stand firm tomorrow. Together for Tomorrow: Standing Firm for the Future is a three-year capital campaign to support fully functional facilities and develop future church workers. As we step out in faith and generosity, we can trust that we are,

"Standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel" Philippians 1:27b

God gives us over 60,000 opportunities each year to help people Know the Peace and the Power of the Cross. We should not take this lightly – every person walking through our doors is a child of God in need of the Good News of Jesus. Every interaction that happens through our ministries is an opportunity with eternal significance. And, so, St. Luke needs to have well-maintained and fully functional facilities to support ongoing ministries and to be ready when critical ministry opportunities arise. Additionally, St. Luke – and the church at large – needs future church workers to serve as pastors, deaconesses, teachers, and missionaries.

Three-Year Campaign Goals:

Thanksgiving Goal: $750,000

Enables vibrant ministry to continue happening at both campuses, future church workers to serve the church, and for the Gospel to reach the world!

Celebration Goal: $1,000,000

All of the above as well as stepping out in faith for God's plans for St. Luke's service to the world in the future!

For a detailed breakdown of campaign goals, click HERE.

Upcoming Together for Tomorrow Events:

Saturday, January 21: Ministry Summit (9:00am-1:00pm) at Meridian Campus

Tuesday, January 31: Congregational Forum (7:00pm) at Meridian Campus and online

Sunday, February 12: Congregational Forum (7:00pm) at Christ Campus and online

Sunday, February 19: Youth Event highlighting Church-work vocations

Wednesday, March 15: Congregational Forum (6:00pm) at Meridian Campus and online

April 23 – May 7: Together for Tomorrow Sermon Series

Sunday, May 7: Commitment Sunday (with President David Davis as guest preacher) followed by congregation-wide celebration. More information to come!

MAY 7 is our Commitment Sunday and Celebration when each family will have the opportunity to make a 3-year pledge toward the Together for Tomorrow campaign. After reflecting on the ways that God has blessed you through the ministry of St. Luke and prayerfully discerning your three-year Together for Tomorrow gift, we will have the opportunity during the worship service to turn in our commitment cards. Afterwards, we will gather together to celebrate what God has done in and through St. Luke in the past and the present…and look forward to standing firm for the future!

***If you’d like to contribute to the Capital Campaign before Commitment Sunday, you may do so at knowingjesus.org/give or by check delivered to 5589 Van Atta Rd., Haslett, MI 48840

***If you would like to fill out a Commitment Card, you can request one here.